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About the Mod.

Many of you will be wondering what the mod does. Well it adds a new radio station, Sams Radio, and many new characters, quests, building insides and changes some of the capital wastelands scenery. The music on the radio station may not be to everyones taste. You can decide if you like it when I put up a playlist of the station, but before that we actually have to finish it. The quest types will vary from going to fetch things, to finding people and even to being a contract killer of sorts. But that completely depends on who you get the quest from. Most of the characters will be centered around Super-Duper Mart which is now home to a behomoth and a radio mast.

So expect some fun, mystery and a return to a vault with Sams Mod. Coming sometime in 2010, hopefully.

Can now be found on MODDB.

The home of sams mod

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