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January 3, 2011

So if anybody actually visited this site and wondered if the mod was dead, it isn’t. What I can say is that we are now making it for New Vegas. This does mean redoing a lot of our previous work, and rewriting the story, but oh well. Sams HQ is now located underneath the Basincreek building. His actually home underneath will be a lot more impressive. All the previous characters will be in it, if not in a different form. Sam will have his own faction, which if we can figure out how will show up on the pipboy with a rating thingy. Also they will be at war with the NCR due to Clive. This will mean that Jimmy will almost always be fighting the NCR outside, given their location close to NCR’s base of operations. Thanks to Haydyn’s efforts we have already made slight progress with it, not without some difficulties (Jimmy is just a big grey supermutant shape). The radio has a few hours of content with some nice songs, they all seem to fit with the era even if they are not part of it. you can find a list of them here. Anyway I will update the rest of the blog things pages at some point and the mod will be done when it is done.


Sams voice

April 8, 2010

pretty much done

14:53 7/02/2010 Status update.

February 7, 2010

I really haven’t had the much time to work on the mod recently because of Mass Effect 2 and school but I realised that there isn’t a post telling you about the current state of the mod.


  • Dialogue for Sam is pretty much working with all the lip files and sound files
  • We haven’t done dialogue for any other character yet..
  • The main furniture and broadcasting equipment is all in place in Sam’s HQ, just the characters personalised stuff and random junk remain.
  • Sam’s Radio works but is lacking in content at the moment, I still need to do my “show” on the radio
  • The track list for the radio is still being thought of but we can tell you that there will be no Miley Cyrus telling you that there is party in the USA.
  • The story is by no means set in stone but we have a good idea of how the story will pan out

So yah, we have no idea when the mod will be at a stage where we can release it as a Beta but we are aiming to get it done before New Vegas comes out..